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Nadine Lebrun is a featured artist and partner at limitedartcollections.com 

From the age of thirteen until attending university, Nadine Lebrun would visit Europe’s most significant museums during her holidays. Nadine developed a strong desire to paint, which has never faded. 
Despite her passion for art, she entered the field of psychology.

Nadine has practised as a psychologist and psychotherapist. Her desire to paint was reignited in 2000, when she met her partner, Michel Liénard, the artist. Art became a fundamental part of her life.

Nadine Lebrun has been interested in the link between psychology and spirituality for over ten years, being a trained psychologist with a love of art. Her art compositions represent, a search for light and enables the viewer to look within. Through Nadine’s artwork, she links the process of humanisation, helping us to overcome our anxieties and fears, enabling us to be free.

Her art has been exhibited at numerous events in solo and joint exhibitions in Belgium. Most importantly at the Jardin de lumière in Ohain, as well as in Italy and France.

Nadine is also an author. In 2016 she published an essay on Psychology and Spirituality with the title ‘Les sentiers du désir’ (The trails of desire).

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